Root Cleaner

Many pest and plant disease issues begin around the roots of plants - in the root zone (or rhizosphere). Plants with weak and set-upon roots cannot thrive and are targets for pest insects as well as fungal and mold pathogens. Root Cleaner has been developed to get down in there and clean up the rhizosphere microbiome. It works by disrupting the feeding and reproduction of insects and causes fungi and algae to dehydrate and die – without harming the plant. As pests and pathogens are eliminated in the soil, healthy roots are able to develop and from healthy roots you will get vibrant plants with a vigorous yield.

Benefits of Root Cleaner:

  • Can be used in soil, soilless and coco media through all growing phases (seed to harvest).
  • Kills Fungus Gnats (adults and larvae), Thrips and Root Aphids.
  • Effective for control and prevention of Pythium and Rhizoctonia.
  • Minimizes root knots and egg hatching.
  • Made with commercial grade ingredients.

It is recommended to use Root Cleaner with its sister product – Green Cleaner. Green Cleaner works on the foliage as Root Cleaner works the soil.


Suggested Uses: For use on all plants grown in soil or soilless media to kill pest and pathogens in the root zone.

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  • Root Cleaner kills fungus gnats and their larvae, pythium and rhizoctonia, root rot and root damping-off, thrips, nematodes, root aphids, and more. For use in soil and coco. Use from start up to the day of harvest.
All Natural
Pests can’t build immunity to it
No gloves, respirator, or suiting up required
Kills pests and their eggs! No "product stacking" required
Use from Start to Harvest

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    Kills fungus gnats and larvae on contact — indoors or out! Root Cleaner by Central C…

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