40% Mono-Silicic Acid - 10 mL

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There are many silicon supplements on the market today - but plants only take up silicon in the form of mono-silicic acids: individual silicon atoms surrounded by hydrogen and oxygen - and most silicon products contain silicates: long chains of silicon that root or microbe chemistry takes weeks or months to convert into mono-silicic acids that plants can use. This is why stabilised mono-silicic acid is so effective: it is already in bioavailable form, meaning plants can access and use it immediately.


So choosing mono means less waste, and visibly faster results than with other forms of silicon. There are other stabilized mono-silicic (aka orthosilicic / monosilicic) acids out there using different technologies, and nano-silicon is engineered to bypass uptake altogether.


Gmono is exclusive, second generation, non-water based, non-potassium silicate based tech. GG mono contains no added molybdenum so it's safe for use near ruminants, and it comes with full heavy metals certification for use in professional horticulture including the production of medicines. 

Spoiler alert: GG beats all other Silicon products by a significant margin in this area too.


First generation stabilized monos (every mono product available except Grow-Genius) are Potassium SIlicate based, but also use Boron and Molybdenum to capture some mono molecules and deliver much better performance. This is what leading monos still offer today: 1% strength and lots of drawbacks from Potassium Silicate and various ingredients added to stand out from other clones.


Grow-Genius 40% stabilized mono-silicic. FORTY times (40x) more monosilicic acid in the same size bottle as the competition


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