AirComfort - Wireless sync temperature & humidity sensor

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Product Description

AirComfort - Orange

Connected Temperature & Humidity Reporting


AirComfort allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity to maintain the ideal environment inside your grow room


 AirComfort is a connected device that monitors temperature and humidity of the different grow rooms with the mobile app.


  • Storage up to 100 days of data

  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing

  • Set your comfort levels on multiple sensors

  •  Record and track your information by graphs and charts

  • Powered by a small button battery, but working for a whole year

AirComfort’s App allows you to set a maximum threshold of temperature and humidity. You can even export up to 100 days of data into Excel .


Aircomfort wirelessly sync with your mobile using a special designed low energy technology, so even we just using a small coins battery, it can also working for a year long.


AirComfort will notify you on your smartphone if conditions change.


Connects multiple room types in one app


*** This AirComfort sensor requires the app to work ***

 Download the app using this link


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