BUDBOX PRO XXL WHITE - 4ftx8ftx6ft6in(120X240X200cm)

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BudBox's unique flat white material reflects more PAR light directly to your plants, and also reflects less of the overall unused spectrum. With light energy comes heat energy and the PRO White lining will always run cooler than a standard Mylar tent. The Mylar material will reflect more heat energy, therefore, will run hotter (around 6-8°C) as such, the these units require greater ventilation, or the use of less powerful lighting, so the environment does not overheat and damage your plants.


The perfect Indoor Grow Tent. BudBox PRO XXL grow tent has 25mm strong steel frame and a white interior for maximum PAR reflectivity. The BudBox Pro XXL White has been, and remains, the most trusted name in the indoor grow tent market since its inception 15 years ago! They’ve been in the industry for over 15 years for a reason! BudBox continues to manufacture and supply high quality, tried, tested & trusted grow tents to both the professional & hobbyist grower.



-Pro White Inner material offers class leading PAR results

-Award winning grow tents

-Strong, black powder-coated frames 25mm tempered rolled steel

-All metal push & click corner connectors

- Large access doors / Inspection windows

-Military grade zippers

-Green viewing window

- Double stitched seams

- Uplift irrigation bar

- Double cuff vents

- 20% oversized vents

- Screamed passive vents

- Waterproof drip tray

- Roof hanging bars

- Silicon pads for roof bars

- Clips to hold main door open

- Hanging straps provides

- Canvas completely unzips

- Huge range of sizes

-Inspection doors – (from XL up)

-Ground level irrigation ports – (from XL up)

Look no further for your grow tent than BudBox. BudBox is the most trusted name in the indoor grow tent market in the UK and one of the most trusted brands in the entire world. They have been making grow tents for 15 years for a reason! Grow with Bud Box today!


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