Root Cleaner 8oz

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Product Description

    • Kills fungus gnats and larvae on contact — indoors or out! Root Cleaner by Central Coast Garden Products is a natural pesticide used to eliminate soil borne pests and disease pathogens. A perfect choice to get rid of indoor plant problems such as thrips, fungus gnats, root aphids, pythium and more! Safe for use on all food and feed crops. Contains sodium lauryl sulfate, soybean oil, water, isopropyl alcohol, sodium citrate, and citric acid. 



    • • Targets the eggs of pests to prevent eventual immunity
      • Use from start to harvest
      • Safe to use on food and crops
      • All natural — forget the respirators or gloves!
      • For use in soil and coco

      Available in 8 oz bottles (makes 8-16 gallons).


      Soil Drench: Mix 1 oz per gallon of water and apply every 3-4 days, as needed. Pour around the base of plants ensuring proper penetration.

      Remember to reinoculate beneficial microbes after each use.

      Flush with water 20 minutes after application. Let soil media dry out before watering again.

      Grower’s Tip:
      Begin with lower application as some plants might be more sensitive than others. If treating an active problem, apply twice within 7-10 days to ensure the egg cycle is broken.